Expert Financial Professionals and Services

Delaney Consulting LLC (Delaney/ Delaney Consulting) is a professional executive services firm providing financial expertise to help companies achieve their financial goals. Clients engage Delaney CFOs and Controllers for their specialized financial experience and skill, whether needed on an interim, part-time, permanent, or per-project basis.

Clients also use Delaney's retained placement services to fit the unique needs of companies during any stage of their business life-cycle, whether the company is growing at a rapid rate, seeks to maintain or optimize their stability, or are undergoing challenges. Delaney professionals have worked with Fortune 1000 companies in the U.S. and worldwide for over twenty years.

Delaney Consulting combines --- financial resources --- highly qualified and relevant experience --- expert planning and management, to help clients succeed. Whether there is a need for one professional one day per week for a year, or a team of ten professionals for a 3-month project, Delaney can help in any circumstance or timeframe.   




Optimizing Leadership, Collaboration and Communication

The financial professionals at Delaney Consulting are uniquely qualified to bring every client expert attention, relevant skills and experience, and an extraordinary ability to evaluate, analyze, and resolve any financial issue or concern in any stage of the business lifecycle. Through a consulting approach that optimizes leadership, collaboration, and communication, Delaney professionals manage successful results, extend value, and become a trusted, knowledgeable advisor.

Our Value
Delaney Consulting solves problems by providing uniquely tailored financial solutions to companies at any stage of the business lifecyle through talented, committed professionals with relevant experience, approaching each new situation with expert leadership, collaboration, and communication skills.  We exist to serve our clients and become their trusted advisor.
Our Mission
We are defined by what we do.  We serve each client as a trusted advisor.  We support our professionals and understand their motivations and needs.  We serve our local community and the world in which we live. 


Delaney Think-Tank™

In 2010, Delaney will be hosting a series of monthly Delaney Think-Tank seminars for executives. This 5-month program - starting in February 2010 - provides participants with a peer Board of Advisors to help shape creative ideas, avoid potential pitfalls and risks, and turn ideas into financial growth...more

Delaney Learning™

Delaney Learning is the continuation of a series of educational programs designed to take the basics of accounting and finance and boil it down to "what you really need to know to run your business" ...more